Navigating Change: A Self-Care Roadmap

Navigating Change: A Self-Care Roadmap


Hello there my dearest reader friend!

Why did the procrastinator reject the idea of change? They were worried it might interrupt their carefully perfected art of delaying the inevitable – a masterpiece in the making!

Change can be challenging for most people due to a combination of psychological, emotional, and practical factors, such as fear of the unknown, comfort zones, loss of control, and fear of failure to name a few. So, we tend to procrastinate.

Change, however, doesn’t have to be procrastinated, if we learn to prioritize self-care and make the journey smoother and more empowering.

Let’s explore together two essential tips to help us either embrace change or prepare for change while keeping self-care at the forefront.

Tip # 1 - Mindful Reflection: This is a big one. Before diving into the unknown, it's important to take time for introspection. To me, that means reflecting on my emotions, expectations, and fears associated with the ongoing or upcoming change. Some people like journaling; that’s not my cup of tea. I love meditation. I discovered meditation during the pandemic and have become a big fan since. I schedule my prayer and meditation space before I start my day. I wake up between 4-5 am, so I don’t have to rush through it. I carefully let my emotions, expectations, and fears run wild during the first part of the meditation, and then I work through them, letting my spirit connect with what I’m feeling. It’s not an easy process, and it cannot be rushed. Meditation, for me, is a powerful tool to gain clarity and understanding. Acknowledging my feelings, I try to lay the foundation for a healthier transition.


Questions to think about:

What am I feeling now? What do I want to change? What has changed?

What are my expectations?

What are my fears?

Are my expectations causing my fears?


Tip # 2 - Establish a Self-Care Routine: This year, I came across a quote by Steven Covey – “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.” Wow! That is profound, huh? Last year, in 2023, I started prioritizing my bedtime so I could wake up early to pray and meditate without feeling rushed. I mostly work from home, but I didn’t want to ever skip my meditation and prayer time if I had to be somewhere early. I scheduled this 'me' time and have been sticking to it.

Now, we must develop a consistent self-care routine that nourishes our mind, body, and soul. We are all unique and have different needs. Here are some ideas for you to think about: How about scheduling a daily walk? Or a quiet time reading? Or any other practices that bring you joy and relaxation? Having a routine provides stability during times of change, or in expectation of a change, and it grounds us in moments of uncertainty



This is the takeaway: Change may make the procrastinator shudder at the potential disturbance to their finely tuned art of delay, but fear not! Change doesn't have to be feared and procrastinated; instead, let's make it a masterpiece in the making, just like our expert procrastinator.


In the grand self-care roadmap of navigating change, Let’s keep in mind the importance of mindful reflection and establishing a self-care routine. Feel free to experiment with different routines until you find the one that brings you solace. One of my favorite clichés – think outside of the box!


Remember Steven Covey’s wisdom gem and start scheduling your priorities. Self-care is the starting point to tap into a balanced and healthy introspection in preparation for change or to embrace it.


Let’s continue walking this journey together, my dear reader friend. We can do it!

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A special thanks to my amazing brother-in-law for allowing me to use one of his exclusive photographs to illustrate this blog! Luv ya Alvaro Donatti. 



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  • author
    Gregg Jan 09, 2024 at 09:11

    Excellent message today.

  • author
    Gregg Jan 09, 2024 at 09:11

    Excellent message today.

  • author
    Christine Jan 08, 2024 at 09:31

    Schedule your priorities. Such simple and wise advice. Thank you.

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