Summer Self-Care: Embracing the Heat, Healing the Soul

Summer Self-Care: Embracing the Heat, Healing the Soul

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Have you ever found yourself enjoying the beauties of summer and wondering how in the world you can incorporate the awful heat and humidity into your self-care routine?


In the summer, temperatures are usually scorching. I'm from Rio de Janeiro, and I know Rio is hot, but here in Florida, where I've lived for 24 years, I've experienced a whole new level of heat. It feels like you've died and woken up in hell. Not to mention the swarm of mosquitoes and flies, and of course, with more exposure to UV rays, there are issues with sunburn and skin cancer. But enough about the downsides of summer; I promise I won't stop here.


Let's cleanse the negativity with the wise words of the renowned American writer, poet, activist, and artist Maya Angelou, "Everything you want, you already have. All you need to do is to find it." Summer brings an abundance of opportunities for self-care. Let's dig into this abundance.


The central theme of my blog is facing challenges in a positive and transformative way! So let's talk about three ways to integrate typical summer activities into a self-care regimen while embracing the less favorable aspects:


How about immersing yourself in nature? Summer brings scorching temperatures and annoying insects. However, instead of letting these obstacles get us down, we can use these moments to connect more deeply with nature. Let's seek out shaded trails, beautiful park landscapes, and find peace in nature in the vibrant greenery of summer. These moments of connection with nature not only rejuvenate our minds and bodies but also strengthen us. Don't forget the mosquito repellent and mini battery-operated fans.


Summer is the season of refreshing nutrition: With the intense heat of summer, it's crucial that we stay hydrated. Despite the temptation to indulge in junk food, the hot dogs, hamburgers, and fries, let's focus on cold meals, like smoothies, wonderful and colorful salads, juices, and fruit-flavored waters. Let’s kill two birds with one stone. Take advantage of the heat and the need to stay hydrated to discover light foods that will be refreshing and keep us in shape for the pools and beaches. This leads us to the third and final point.


Discover a new outdoor leisure activity: During the summer, we face excessive sun exposure and air pollution. However, instead of letting this get us down, let's embrace the fun and relaxation of outdoor activities. I lived in New York State for ten years. In the summer, people are so tired of being cooped up they love to do everything outdoors. Following this thought, what about starting a sport on the beach or in parks with a group of friends? Maybe even organizing a picnic or just relaxing in the shade of a tree. Outdoor leisure not only helps us unwind and recharge, but also strengthens our social bonds, reminding us of the importance of living in the present moment.


I want to challenge you to fully embrace summer and incorporate at least one of these practices into your self-care routine. And if you want more tips and inspiration on how to take care of yourself holistically, read other topics on self-care on the Petit Espace website.

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