Learn How to Tame Your Brain!

Learn How to Tame Your Brain!


Get ready for this! It’s possible to train our brains to do exactly what we want. Not only it is possible, but science proves it. Many studies in the field of neuroplasticity show that our brains are much more flexible than we imagine. Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. This means that, with the right practice, we can literally "reprogram" our minds to adopt new behaviors and skills.


In the words of Henry Ford: "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right."


A study conducted by Dr. Michael Merzenich, one of the pioneers in the field of neuroplasticity, revealed that brain training can significantly improve our memory and cognitive skills, consequently changing our behaviors. I believe in our ability to reprogram the brain with all my being. The reason I hold this belief is because I speak from my own experiences. Many times in my life, I have managed to reprogram my brain and change my behavior.


For instance, I never liked sleeping. For many years, I was a night owl, preferring the night over the day.


I went to bed late and slept little, never having time to do what I wanted or needed to do during the day. I heard about our ability to reprogram our brain and decided to put it into practice, believing, as Henry Ford said, that I could succeed in this attempt. Fast forward five years, today I wake up between 4 and 5 in the morning, go to bed between 8 and 9 at night, and rarely get stressed about not being able to do what I need to do during the day.


This is while still preserving my sleep of at least 6 hours, to give my brain a chance to recharge. This is just one example of behaviors I managed to change by believing in my ability to reprogram my brain.


Here are some practical tips that help me:


Practice Meditation: Studies show that meditation can alter the structure of the brain, improving concentration and reducing stress. Meditation transformed my life. I learned to listen. I learned to connect with my spiritual understanding and give my brain the power of plasticity, consequently believing in its ability to reprogram. And then I enjoyed the positive changes in behavior. All this transformation goes hand in hand.


Value Your Sleep and Sleep Well: I have learned that sleep is crucial for memory consolidation and brain health. I still don’t like sleeping, but nowadays I respect sleep and follow a routine that doesn’t invade this space. Our thoughts have a direct impact on how we feel and act.


I will leave you with this, taming the brain is totally possible. I am a witness to that. The secret ingredient is believing you can. For you, my friend, who has not experienced this, I invite you to challenge yourself, learn something new, and observe how your mind will transform.






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