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Mastering the Art of Never Giving Up with Perseverance

Hi there my reader friend!

Have you ever found yourself marveling at those who effortlessly turn setbacks into setups for success? Are you intrigued by the magical quality of perseverance?

Well, you're in for a treat. I will take this slow because mastering perseverance, guess what? takes perseverance! I will call this blog Part I.

In this blog, we won't just talk about overcoming obstacles; we'll unveil two practical tips that transform challenges into opportunities and setbacks into epic comebacks!

Ready to dive into the art of bouncing back with style?

Tip # 1: Embrace the “Oopsie-Daisy” Philosophy:

Let’s work on changing our perception of setbacks. I always like to start reminding ourselves, that we are humans, and change takes time. One golden rule I constantly remind myself of is: “Treat yourself like you treat others!”

That said, I like to think that life's a comedy of errors; and that we need to learn to laugh at our oopsies. The more we embrace the hilarity of our missteps, the less intimidating setbacks become. If you are a business owner like me, sometimes being the CEO is not very glamorous. We work more hours, it’s hard to disconnect, we need to make sure all the expenses are covered, and I could go on and on. So being a business owner takes perseverance. I, personally, being somewhat of a perfectionist, am always trying to find ways to improve internal procedures. One of those procedures is that I avoid communication breakdowns with my team so the business can flow without unnecessary drama.


I was once frustrated with an employee. I started texting my friend to vent my frustration. I had a brain lapse, and I guess because I was thinking about this person, I ended up sending one of the critical texts to her. I didn’t have time to delete it because she called me on the spot. Oopsie! I answered the phone, and she confronted me. I didn’t even try to explain myself. I dove into the frustration I was feeling with her work, and we took steps to better the situation.


The mistake could have derailed my goal of believing in my ability to be a good CEO. I could have beaten myself down as the CEO, started questioning my ability to lead, and embarked on a dark path of insecurities. Today, I laugh at that memory and embrace it as an oopsie so it does not interrupt my quest as a business owner.  My point is we need focus, and must accept that we will make mistakes, we will face mishaps, and we will encounter setbacks. Those setbacks, though, do not have to be roadblocks that will derail us from our goal. Do you understand? 


Ask yourself these questions:

-What is my goal?

- What am I persevering?

-What do I have to do not to lose sight of it?

-How do I have to act to continue moving forward?

When faced with a mishap, or a setback, embrace the Oopsie Daisy attitude, turn the page, and move forward. Remember, even superheroes trip over their capes sometimes!


Tip #2: "Dance in the Rain (with an Umbrella)":

When life throws lemons at you, don't just make lemonade—throw a dance party! Perseverance isn't about avoiding storms; it's about learning to groove in the rain. Grab your metaphorical umbrella and dance through the challenges with style.

Life will throw us lemons. That’s a fact. Most of us will take those lemons and make lemonade. I suffered an auto accident when I was a teenager. I wanted to be a classical ballerina. I could view the accident as a gigantic lemon. I decided to take that lemon and make lemonade. Things did not end there. There are still storms, mountains, and valleys. That is when the Dance in the Rain attitude comes in. We already made and drank the lemonade. But I will challenge you to go beyond that and throw a dance party! Acknowledge that life is a continuous spectrum. A very dynamic one. Things happen so fast that we hardly have time to enjoy the good moments.

However, sunny periods many times are followed by gloomy, stormy days. Stormy days can turn into months, or years if we don’t do something about it.

Continue to enjoy yourself and life even during the storms. In no way am I saying to avoid mourning, avoid your feelings, or avoid the storms. However, be aware if you are parked and camped in that stormy valley.

The Dance in the Rain mentality embraces perseverance because we become unstoppable.

Ask yourself these questions:

-What am I feeling?

-How long have I been feeling this way?

-Am I parked? 

-What causes me to feel this way?


Then go back to your goal:

-What is my goal?

-What can I do today to start moving toward my goal?

Ask, ask, and ask. Know what is going on in your head, your thoughts, and your body. You will find that you can develop perseverance. Believe in it. What you visualize will be what you will become.

I will break it down for you: Mastering the art of never giving up with perseverance is a journey filled with laughter, learning, and resilience. The "Oopsie-Daisy Philosophy" encourages us to embrace the hilarity of missteps, recognizing that setbacks are part of the human experience. By sharing my personal story of overcoming a communication mishap as a CEO, I try to highlight the importance of self-acceptance and learning from mistakes. The message is clear: setbacks don't define us but can become stepping stones toward success.

About the second tip, "Dance in the Rain (with an Umbrella)," encourages us to not just make lemonade but to throw a dance party when life throws lemons. The metaphorical umbrella symbolizes our ability to groove through challenges with style and resilience. Acknowledging the dynamic nature of life, with the analogy of storms, mountains, and valleys I emphasize the need to continue enjoying life even during difficult times. The "Dance in the Rain" mentality becomes a powerful tool for embracing perseverance and becoming unstoppable.

By asking reflective questions about emotions and goals I emphasize the importance of self-awareness and constant evaluation. The call to believe in the power of perseverance and visualization reinforces the idea that what we focus on becomes our reality.

So, dear reader, as you navigate the spectrum of life, remember to dance through the storms, embrace the oopsies, and never lose sight of your goals. Your journey toward mastering perseverance is a continuous dance – step confidently, learn from missteps, and celebrate the resilience that makes you unstoppable.

Stay tuned: I will publish Part II next Friday - January 12, 2024.


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A special thanks to my amazing brother-in-law for allowing me to use one of his exclusive photographs to illustrate this blog! Luv ya Alvaro Donatti. 

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