Who we are

Petit Espace creates flower arrangements for small spaces to enhance, complete, and personalize larger spaces.

With meticulously chosen soft or bold color combinations, each arrangement brings positive energy, a light aura, and rehabilitating mood vibes wherever it is displayed.


Our Journey

May 2020

Amidst the global lockdown, an inspiring idea took root within me. I found solace and stress relief by repurposing candle jars and crafting beautiful flower arrangements using the wildflowers I collected during peaceful walks with Filho.

December 2020

I refined my arrangements, directing my attention towards intricate combinations of colors and the delicate textures of ribbons to adorn the jars.

March 2021

My passion for this art form had fully blossomed. I daydreamed about harmonious color palettes and enchanting textures, eagerly anticipating each opportunity to bring my visions to life.

January 2022

I realized that this journey had become more than a hobby; it had transformed into a cherished ritual of self-expression. During these precious moments of solitude, I found respite from the outside world and nurtured a profound sense of gratitude for this intimate and personal experience.

January 2023

The culmination of my creative endeavors led to the birth of a brand name: Petit Espace. This name holds a dual significance, representing both our personal, intimate spaces and the transformative power of these small arrangements to infuse any room, regardless of size, with vitality, character, and positive energy.

March 2023

I shared my profound experiences, thoughts, and visions with my daughter and son-in-law, extending an invitation for them to join me on this journey of sharing with the world the wisdom and beauty I had cultivated.

April 2023

The last piece of the puzzle fell into place: global awareness. Petit Espace made a commitment to embrace this profound journey by aligning with causes dedicated to making a positive difference.

Our Team

Patricia Périssé Bochi


I am grateful for the grand gift of sharing outward with the world my gratitude for inner joy and serenity as we build relationships together from the starting point of self-growth.

Sarah Périssé Bochi

Director of Production/Special Projects

I am committed to overseeing the manufacturing process with mindfulness and attention to detail. Taking care of myself is essential to being able to lead my team effectively.

Edgar Garcia

Director of Ecommerce

I am a tech-savvy, music lover, meditation advocate, and avid gym-goer. Striving for balance and peace, I find solace in music, photography, mindfulness, and fitness.

Filho Périssé Bochi

Inspirational Guru

Born with an innate talent for relaxation, I know how to bring smiles and tranquility to those around me. While I may not be one to fetch sticks my unwavering devotion to Patricia is unmatched.


Artist behind the logo:

Aurora Bicalho


Since 1995, Aurora Bicalho has lived and worked in the state of Rio de Janeiro. She almost always uses strong and mystic colors to elicit inspiring beauty from nature and people as she works in her own intuitive style. She has shown her work in several Brazilian venues as well as in the Brazilian Embassy in Rome and in the Hanne Brehm Gallery in Zurich.

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