Exploring Our Relationship with Words: “Friends” A Curse or a Blessing?

By Patricia Bochi / Date March 18, 2024

This blog dives into the intricate relationships we have with words, particularly focusing on the word "friend" and the varied emotions it evokes within us. It explores both the challenges and joys of friendships, acknowledging the wounds of past betrayals and the hesitations born from trust issues and unrealistic expectations. However, it also highlights the immense value of healthy friendships, emphasizing their role in providing support, companionship, and personal growth. The blog concludes with a call to transform our relationship with friendship, viewing it as a garden to nurture and cherish rather than a precarious tightrope walk. It offers three practical adjustments—cultivating authenticity, practicing boundaries, and embracing vulnerability—as tools to kickstart this transformative journey toward potential friendships.

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