Rest and Health: Idleness Is Your Friend!

Rest and Health: Idleness Is Your Friend!

Hello, my faithful friend, I want to capture your attention with this question: Do you rest enough?


Of all the articles I've written, this one is for those who, like me, hate idleness.


John Lubbock, the renowned banker, politician, scientist, and British author who also served as a Member of Parliament and is known for his contributions in various fields such as archaeology, biology, and social reform, said, "Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time."


Learning to rest is an essential part of life. I use the verb "learn" because for me, it's a complicated mental and physical exercise because I hate being idle. I am learning at this stage of my life that rest is more than just sleeping. It’s giving our bodies and minds a break from the constant hustle and bustle of our lives.


In this quest, I have discovered several reasons why we should learn to rest. The reasons I’ll mention are the ones that impressed me the most:


First and foremost, Physical Health: Many studies show that rest allows our bodies to recover and rejuvenate. It helps muscle recovery, strengthens the immune system, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.


Just as important as physical health is Mental Health: Many studies also conclude that rest reduces stress and anxiety, improves mood, and enhances cognitive functions. In other words, it gives our brains a chance to process information and consolidate memories.


The reason that convinced me to investigate deeply the importance of rest is to  Boost Productivity and Creativity: Many studies conclude that taking breaks increases productivity and creativity, and when we are well-rested, we can think more clearly and find better solutions to our problems.


Here are some tips for busy bees like me, to try this journey together:


Schedule Breaks: Let’s plan small breaks throughout our day. To help recharge our energies, let's step away from our work, go for a walk, or if that’s not realistic for you, simply relax for a few minutes.

Create a Cozy Environment: Find or create a place conducive to rest. For me, it has to be a clean, comfortable place that smells good. I’m obsessed with candles. Use this space to meditate, relax, or read.

Let’s not forget the practice of Mindfulness: Today, after much practice, I am getting the hang of it. Meditation and breathing exercises help me stay present, reduce stress, and give me serenity.


Now, here’s a challenge for you: This week, try to incorporate at least one of these tips into your daily routine. Notice if it affects your overall well-being and productivity.


I’ll leave you with this reminder: Your journey to a healthier and happier life begins with your decision to take the first step.

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