Unlock Your Magic

Unlock Your Magic

Hey there, my faithful readers! As we kick off another week, let's tap into the positive and uplifting energy that surrounds us. It's time to embrace the possibilities and dive into the adventures that await us.


When was the last time you wondered what makes you tick, what makes your heart dance, or what makes you feel alive? Pause for a moment, and think.

Today we are on a journey to unlock that elusive "magic" within each of us, and trust me, it's gonna be great!

As the legendary Walt Disney once said, "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."


Wow, isn’t that the truth?


Step number one; BELIEVE that we all have that unique spark within us, just waiting to ignite the world around us.

But why sometimes, finding that magic wand feels like searching for a needle in a haystack?

Fear not, my friends, because it doesn’t have to be the truth from hereon. Here are some tips to help us uncover our very own brand of enchantment.


Behavior adjustment # 1: Let’s Embrace our Passions


First things first, let’s sort our emotions. What gets our hearts racing faster than a cheetah on caffeine? Or three cups of cortaditos, if you live in Miami?

Is it painting, cooking, coding, or maybe even underwater basket weaving? (Hey, no judgment here!)

I have more than one passion. I love to write, meditate, I love to create flower arrangements, and I’m passionate about my profession. When I think of passion, I envision only myself in the picture. It doesn't involve my family or friends; it's just me and my passion. That's all.

I encourage you to delve deep within yourself for this tip, if you don't mind. Your dreams, your passion—don't involve another human being in it. What spins your prop?


Take a moment to dive into your passions, explore the nooks and crannies of your interests, and see where your heart skips a beat. Your magic often hides in the things that make your soul sing.


Behavior adjustment # 2: Listen to Our Inner Child


Remember when we were wee little tykes with dreams as big as the universe itself? I remember at one point, I wanted to be the president. I was about ten years old. Imagine, not having a clue what the job entailed, I thought I would have the skills to succeed. 

What were your childhood dreams? Did you want to be a police officer, teacher, firefighter, doctor? Think about that. You believed then you could do it and that you would be successful. That energy was strong and alive.

Channel that inner child, my friend! What did you dream of becoming before the weight of 'adulting' took over? There's wisdom in those childhood dreams. They hold the key to unlocking our true desires and uncovering the magic we've been longing for.


Behavior adjustment # 3: What Lights You Up?


Ever notice that certain activities make us feel like we're walking on sunshine, while others drain the life out of us faster than a vacuum cleaner on steroids? Stop for a moment and pay attention to those instances, my friend! Search for that treasure. To do so, we must take the time to sort through things and observe what we feel in the present. Whether it's getting lost in a good book, belting out '80s power ballads in the shower (my generation!), or soaking in a bathtub, those little sparks of joy reveal a lot about what sets our souls on fire.

Our magic might not come with a flashy neon sign or a booming announcement from the heavens. Sometimes, it's a whisper in the wind, a flutter in our chests, or a tingle down our spines. So, don't be afraid to embrace the journey, with all its twists and turns. The point is, whether we can see it or not today, it exists. Like the oxygen we breathe. We don't see it, but it's here.


As we embark on the journey of self-discovery, let's take the time to seek and understand what our unique magic truly is. Remember that our essence is invaluable and remarkable. Let's move forward with confidence, sharing our magic wherever we go.

Until we meet again, let's continue overcoming challenges and pursuing our dreams, for the world could benefit from more magic, and we, my friend, are the perfect people to bring it.


ABOUT THE PICTURE:  I snapped that pic on my way back from a conference. I like dabbling in photography, though it's not a full-blown passion of mine. What about you? What are you into?

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