"Stop Keeping Up With the Joneses: Three Tips to Show You How to Embrace Your Inner Unicorn.


Happy Monday, my dear friend reader! Are you still comparing yourself to your neighbor, friends, family, and co-workers who always seem to have it together? I will tell you one truth; who needs to compare themselves to others when you're already the best, right? It's time to stop trying to keep up with the Joneses and start looking inward. Today is your lucky day. Keep on reading and discover your greatness.


  1. Embrace and love your uniqueness: Yes, yes, and yes! Embrace your inner weirdo. Who wants to be normal anyway? Embrace your quirks and unique qualities and let your freak flag fly. After all, weirdos are the ones who change the world and are brave enough to reinvent the reinvented and create something new. Here are some tips. Find what you love and do what you love. I don’t relax like most people. I relax staying busy and working my brain. I have been told that this is not normal. Really? If you love doing something weird, go for it! Our quirks and passions make us unique and awesome. Let’s be proud of our differences and stop trying to fit in with the crowd. Embrace what makes us different and show it off. We can’t be afraid to be our true selves. We're amazing just the way we are. When we're authentic, we'll attract people who love us for who we are.


  1. Practice gratitude, cultivate a positive mindset, and feel more grateful for the things you have: Instead of focusing on what we lack, we ought to try to focus on what we already have and be thankful for it. I've read about starting a gratitude jar, and although it sounds corny, I’m very inclined to try it. Hear me out. The idea is to write down things we're thankful for on little pieces of paper and put them in the jar. Then, on days when we're feeling down, pull out a few pieces of paper and read them aloud. Hmm, the million-dollar question, that came to my mind is, what if we pull out a grateful note of something we don’t have anymore? Oops! What to do next? I thought of ideas. Throw that note away without thinking much about it, and pull out another one. Or be confident that you do not need that specific thing anymore, and move on to the next grateful note. OK now here is the most challenging one, challenge your blue feeling and write a new gratitude note about something else regardless. Wow, we will be exercising our gratitude muscle here for sure! All joking aside, I think this jar will be a visual reminder of the blessings we have and remind us be grateful for it. I know for a fact that taking a few minutes each day to reflect on the things in our lives that we're grateful for can help us shift our mindset and make us feel more content with our own lives.


  1. Surround yourself with positivity: Nobody needs a negative Nancy or a Debbie Downer in their lives. Surrounding ourselves with positivity can do wonders for our mindset and motivation. Here are a few tips. Avoid the drama llamas! OK, drama might be entertaining on TV, but it's not so fun in real life, is it? Let's steer clear from people who thrive on negativity and drama, and instead surround ourselves with those who are positive and uplifting, even when they irritate us on the days we are moody. Again… embrace the weirdos. Remember normal is overrated. Surround yourself with people who are authentic to themselves, even if they're a little bit weird. These are the people who will most likely accept you for who you are and inspire you to be your best self. The simple concept is that the people we surround ourselves with can greatly impact our mindset.


Remember, my dear reader, you don't have to keep up with the Joneses. Sometimes it's better to keep up with the Smiths or the Garcias. Just kidding, forget about keeping up with anyone and embrace your uniqueness. If you're feeling down, just reach for that gratitude jar (that we will start together!) and remind yourself of all the good things in your life. Lastly, surround yourself with positivity, and if that means hanging out with a weirdo or two, then so be it. After all, who wants to be normal anyway?


Don't forget to leave your comment and if you wish, send me a picture of your gratitude jar to ceo@mypetitespace.com.


I’ll leave you with this quote from an unknown author: "Monday is a tough day, but remember, you're tougher than a Monday!"

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  • author
    Patricia Bochi Dec 18, 2023 at 16:02

    @Candice— would love to see a pic of your gratitude jar!

  • author
    Candice Dec 18, 2023 at 10:51

    I like the idea of reaching into a gratitude jar for a blessing I’ve received in the past and forgotten about. It reminds me of fortune cookies I’d get as a kid. It’s time I start my jar!

  • author
    Patricia P Bochi Dec 18, 2023 at 09:09

    @ Janet: So glad to hear you will start your Gratitude Jar. I would love to see a picture of if. Please e-mail it to me if you can!

  • author
    Janet Dec 18, 2023 at 08:13

    Thank you for the soul lift! I am feeling a little down today and was starting to worry about my situation – instead I’m going to make a Gratitude Jar and start to fill it! ❤️🤗

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