Start Your Week With A Mission: Choose What Is Best For You!

Start Your Week With A Mission: Choose What Is Best For You!

Peace? Serenity? Grace? Calmness? Love?
Distress? Anxiety? Depression? Uneasiness? Resentment?

What we vision and seek, it’s what we get! Even if it takes time. 
We all know that the world does not stop. Despite our own struggles, life continues, good and bad things continue to happen. We have no control.
We can only change ourselves as we desire more spirituality and inner growth. As we act on this desire to grow spiritually our perspectives evolve. It’s not like the world stops nor that things will cease happening; but, we won’t be so distressed by the events.
Today try to detach from the negative and open your heart to receive the peace, serenity, grace, calmness and love that have been allocated to you!
You will be surprised by the beautiful things and people you will encounter today.
Don’t mock the effort before you really try it!
Write your thoughts to me. I’m curious about your experience.

Patricia Périssé Bochi -

"When actions do not follow promises, the real transformation has not started YET" -  Patricia Périssé Bochi


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