Navigating the New Year: 3 Tips for Realistic Expectations.

Navigating the New Year: 3 Tips for Realistic Expectations.

Hello there my reader friend, let's get ready for a brand-spanking-new year, shall we? As we turn over a new leaf, it's easy to be full of enthusiasm and eagerness. Especially if we had a rough year, and life threw us a curveball or two. To be enthusiastic about a new beginning is wonderful, but let’s not forget we are humans! That's why it's important to set achievable goals and cut ourselves some slack. Well, grab your favorite beverage, take a seat, and get ready to explore three amazing tips that will help us make 2024 a year full of progress, success, and laughter. So, let's dive in and make the most of this year together!

1. Embrace Our New BFF --  Realism:

When I was younger, I used to come up with many elaborate New Year resolutions. By the last week of January, most of them were out the window. Say no more! The best solution I found for this is to swap out those lofty resolutions for practical, achievable goals. And I mean practical! Here are some examples. Start by acknowledging that we're not going to transform into a superhero or top-shaped athlete overnight. Realism is our new BFF. Instead of vowing to run a marathon by February, try aiming for a walk (or a roll, if you are a wheelchair user like me!) around the block without losing your breath. Remember, even superheroes and athletes need time to build their stamina. In 2024 let’s aim to celebrate the small victories with a wink and a nod to our inner superhero!

2. Embrace Laugher at Our Own “Fubars”:

Start this one by remembering we are not perfect. Then let’s develop a sense of humor about our fubars and embrace them as part of the journey.  Here are some of the examples I can think of. So, if I don't stick to my new diet (name one, and I can guarantee I’ve tried it) for more than a day? Well, I’m going to laugh it off! Yes, laugh it off. I’ve heard we can burn calories laughing. Depending on how big of a fubar that is going to be, I may have to dedicate extra time to laughing to burn those extra calories off! All joking aside, we're humans, and life is too short to be serious all the time. How about if we create a "Fubar Journal" in 2024 where we document our blunders with a comedic twist? Not only will it lighten the mood, but it'll also serve as a reminder that imperfections are what make us the glorious, and unique human beings we are.

3. Celebrate Progress, Not Just Perfection:

Let’s start the habit of recognizing and applauding the small baby steps forward, no matter how tiny. Ditch the all-or-nothing mentality. I’m guilty of that mentality. I tend to forget the many layers in between. As I mature, I’m realizing the importance of these layers, and how acknowledging their importance boomerangs me to places and solutions, I couldn't see. The bottom line, as they say, life is a series of steps, not giant leaps. In 2024, let’s celebrate every achievement, big or small, together with a dose of humor. Remember, progress is always progress, no matter how small. Let's aspire to laugh at the absurdity of expecting perfection and revel in the joy of making progress, one step at a time.


I will leave you with this. As we venture into 2024, let's equip ourselves with a realistic outlook, a sense of humor to overcome obstacles, and a willingness to celebrate progress, no matter how small or imperfect. Let's face challenges with a smile and embrace the journey, full of victories, setbacks, and progress.

Look at life square in the eye and say it like you mean it!

“Life, give us your best shot—we've got humor, achievable goals, and a 'Fubar Journal' to document the hilarity!”

Here's to a year of resilience, laughter, and growth!

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A special thanks to my amazing brother-in-law for allowing me to use one of his exclusive photographs to illustrate this blog! Luv ya Alvaro Donetti. 

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    Janet Dec 29, 2023 at 16:44

    Absolutely doable! Thanks for a new perspective on resolutions! Fubar Journal I need you in my life!

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