Deep Dive: Exploring the intricacies of the word “Faith”

Deep Dive: Exploring the intricacies of the word “Faith”

Welcome to another Word Escapade.


In this blog, we will explore the word "faith".


It's fascinating how our interpretation of words shapes not only our understanding but also our behavior and worldview. The word "faith" carries a profound meaning, interconnected with our essence. The way we perceive and define concepts like faith influences how we deal with life, make decisions, and relate to people. Whether it's through the lens of spirituality, trust, hope, or belief, the way we perceive faith says a lot about our way of life.


I love Martin Luther King Jr.'s iconic phrase "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase".


Without a doubt, faith is a multifaceted concept that can be interpreted in many ways depending on each person's perspective and especially experience. For some, it is a deep spiritual connection, a connection to something greater than ourselves. For others, it is a driving force that compels us to act even in adversity. For some, faith is like a journey within ourselves, where we discover new things and learn more about who we are.


For me, "faith" is a solid belief in things that I have yet to see manifest. It is a conviction so powerful that it transcends logic. But it is an experience impossible to explain its depth to someone.

I was raised without following a specific religion. When I was born, my mother was disillusioned with her religion, and my father, I think was agnostic.

The idea of faith was very vague to me until I became an adult. Faith only began to have meaning for me when I started looking back and could see how I had overcome so many obstacles that brought me to the present and made me the person I am today.

How many things I thought I needed at the time, were not the best choice in the long run. It was a huge weight off my shoulders when I understood that we cannot control circumstances and people. Having faith that everything will work out in the future regardless helps me find a solid ground to stand on. Things will resolve for a higher purpose above my understanding. I’m always going to be a work in progress, but when I say the accident that left me paraplegic was the best thing that happened to me, I mean it because it made me the person I am today.

I hope you read this thinking about your understanding of faith, not mine.


But enough chit chat and let’s get down to business. Let's talk about ways to discover the great value of faith to become a solid ground for us to step on.


Behavioral Adjustment #1: Set aside a few minutes every day to write about the things you are grateful for. Reflect on your journey - where you've been, where you are now. See the positives, and embrace a "glass half-full" outlook. Observe, reflect, and acknowledge the big and little blessings in your life.


Behavioral Adjustment #2: Dedicate time every day to visualize your goals and dreams as if they were already achieved. Work on the feeling and gratitude as if you have already achieved what you want. But keep an open heart for the end of this journey, trusting that everything will turn out as it should.


Behavioral Adjustment #3: Practice accepting the present moment, even when things don't go as planned. Recognize that there is a greater order at play, even if it is not immediately apparent. Relinquish control and learn to trust in the flow of life.


The journey of faith is a personal and unique journey that can lead to profound discoveries about ourselves and the world around us. Remember, faith is not just about believing in the impossible, but also having the courage to act toward our dreams, even when we cannot see the path ahead.


I invite you to explore other blogs in the bio about our Journey in Words to discover how words shape not only our understanding but also our behavior and worldview.


Stay connected my faithful reader!

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