Patricia Perisse Bochi

Patricia Bochi was fifteen years old when she broke her back in a car accident, which shattered her dreams of becoming a classical ballerina. As a paraplegic, she had to reinvent herself during a particularly awkward stage of life.

Despite that, she found herself and success. She got married, had two children, and graduated cum laude from University of Miami School of Law. Patricia lives in Miami and runs an immigration law practice.

Your Upward Journey

Do you want to see life from a different perspective? Patricia Bochi shares the tools she developed to overcome life’s obstacles based on her personal experiences.

Learn how to be happy and motivated despite the daily challenges you encounter. It’s easier than you think! Life is too short and exciting to settle for anything less than achieving your full potential. It’s never too late to start over.

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"The place to start is exactly where you are today. One more day in delaying your upward journey only adds one more day of misery."

- Patricia Perisse Bochi

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