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Juliana Secchi

Travel and adventure planner

Juliana Secchi

I’ve always been fascinated by otherness and lucky enough to go places where people share world views and live lives so different from my own. Going through this diversity makes me feel more like myself and more human, bonded with people in a collective, yet unique experience. Just as important is coming across dissonances that can put your convictions into question, provide new perspectives to old problems and make you feel humble and in awe. To go out there is full of surprises, undoubtedly interesting and fun! As much as I wish to continue on this path of encounter and discovery, I am here to facilitate this endeavour for those willing, the curious and the driven. I’m a previous academic of Peace & Conflict studies, a project and a product manager in the technology sector who decided to transfer my skills into a service that speaks to my heart. Together with amazing holistic practitioners, guides and local partners, I will be your host on these journeys through the ancient power of Egypt, and we can't wait to meet you and explore these places and ourselves on memorable journeys.
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